Kevin Kimberley's Hoaxed Bigfoot Photo

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Kevin Kimberley's Hoaxed Bigfoot Photo

Post by admin » Wed Nov 13, 2019 1:04 am wrote:
Kevin Kimberley's Hoaxed Bigfoot Photo
Kevin Kimberley a Canadian Comedian, Writer, Bigfoot Hunter and Expert Cryptozoologist all rolled into one tidy package hit the internet with his website in or around March of 2004. Kevin finds comedy while pursuing the strange and mysterious creatures and cryptids. He has been consumed with finding Bigfoot, lake monsters, UFO's, Aliens and other odd ball stuff.

His claim that he photographed bigfoot in or near Harrison Lake, BC, June 22, 2004 is way out there and I guess he thinks this is funny. The photograph appears to be a man in a coat length hooded parka, not a sasquatch. Or as another researcher said "I have an L.L.Bean hoodie all weather parka just like that one in that photo. The individual also appears to have either wrinkled pants or cuffed boots on........Will that person come forward and contact me? Kevin's claim follows...
Bigfoot: Picture Proof!

Near Harrison Lake, BC, June 22, 2004

I never thought I would be writing this. I apologize for my nervousness, but I think you will find it is justified. Just look at the goddamn picture! I can't believe I finally have proof in my hands that the creature I have been searching for does exist! It has been a long journey and I am shaking as I write this, please bear with me.

God, I am so freaked out. This picture was taken June 22, 2004 about a three hour drive and an additional eight hour hike outside Vancouver, BC. I really don't want to disclose the exact location to anybody outside my search team. Certainly not until a proper investigation can be carried out by my fellow crypto zoologists. I will wait until my nerves calm down however, before I return to this very remote area.

Well I guess I should stop blabbering and tell how it happened. My search team and I had been in the area for three days and this was the last morning we were there. We were camped on the edge of a very high alpine lake, as you can see by the snow and heavy fog. We had been very hopeful of contact since the area is so remote, but still very close to an area that has a long history of Bigfoot activity. The lake was chosen since it is well stocked with fish, obviously artificially stocked, and they can be caught in the shallow water while they search for food. Anyway it made sense to identify this high protein food source in such a harsh environment.

The search was carried out in the regular fashion. A base camp was established at a high altitude where we could see three fairly large valleys sloping down and away from us. One of which held the lake. We used a low intrusion style camp with no cooked food or fire. We went on daily excursions along the barren ridge tops, leaving early at around 5:00 am each morning. Typically stopping at about 6:00 am to survey each new area with a field scope to look for any movement or activity. We were rarely separated as we all prefer to work in a single group. This also better covers the territory and minimizes any scent drift.

We had no visuals or strange odours at all, until the last morning that is. The day the photo was taken. We had woken up early as usual. There was some debate amongst the group whether to continue with a morning search or to head straight home since it was going to be a long hard walk back to the truck. I guess luckily for us, those wanting to head home, won the argument. We broke camp and headed down to the lake a about 5:25 am. That's when things went very weird.

We had reached the edge of the lake and luckily we had been very quiet in our approach, old habits die hard I guess. We were just about to fill some water bottles from the shore when we were overcome by a horrible odour. The only thing I could compare it to would be the rotting flesh of a long since dead animal. Fearing it was either a grizzly, or better yet a Bigfoot, we went absolute stealth mode and dropped our packs to the ground without so much as a twig snapping. All our hearts were pounding as we went through the plan in silence. Using the signals and code we had been practicing for years.

It was a difficult situation since there was hardly any wind. This made it next to impossible to determine where the source of the stench was. We decided that two of us would remain with the gear. The other two would follow the edge of the lake in the direction of what little wind was blowing. I led the group around the shore. It was tough going since the edge of the lake was incredible rocky, steep and covered in wet snow. We finally reached a formidable wall of rock that we knew protected a small bay and peninsula on the other side. This is how viewing the terrain from the ridge line above can sure pay off.

Climbing up and over the wall of rock required me to leave my weapon, something I truly regret every minute since that decision. With some help I was able to get a foothold and pull myself up high enough to see the bay behind. What I saw in the instant I peered over the top, was pretty much what is in the picture. For some reason the creature was totally fixated on the water. This gave me enough time to grab my digital camera, which was hanging around my neck thank god, and snap the picture you see above.

Every time I look at this picture, my heart pumps as I remember the build up to the moment I stood up and saw it just standing there with its huge back towards me. After taking the first picture, I pulled the camera back to make sure I had the image captured. There it was in the tiny viewfinder. I quickly looked up again and the creature had swung around to the left of the picture where the large rock sits in the water behind a single tree. He looked back briefly as he disappeared up the shore behind the trees. We regrouped where I had taken the picture and began to chase after the creature up the shoreline. As we did so we could hear rocks sliding down as he climbed up a scree slope at the far end of the lake. We found no prints as the creature seemed, even in the brief moment I saw him, to travel on the rocks close to the shore which had lost their snow due to the retained heat of the water. Perhaps this would explain the numerous times tracks are never found after good sightings. The creature may be well aware of his own tracks.

I can't explain how frustrated I am that I had laid down my rifle only moments before this all happened. I had been using the .270 Winchester Ranger I have always brought with me. I could have easily taken two or maybe even three shots at the animal. I know that I have taken a lot of criticism from other researchers for my use of guns. I am unfortunately a broken man as I think back on what could have been. When I popped up over that rock cliff I had almost 4-5 seconds to take aim and possibly end what is the longest running zoological debate in history with the most concrete of evidence, a huge steaming corpse! Until then the search continues and I will fight the battle with this rare and valuable picture.

Email: contact at designup dot ca
Copyright © 2003-2004 Kevin Kimberley. All rights reserved.

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