Thermal Captures from the crossroads

This is for the presentation of thermal evidence collected throughout the Bigfoot community and placed here for discussion and analysis.
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Thermal Captures from the crossroads

Post by admin » Mon Nov 11, 2019 12:12 am

I noticed it there, but still panned around to see if I could see anything else coming up on us.

The Deer walks around behind where the hotspot is, and when it passes behind it, you can see in the better definition video, it actually turns around and watches the deer walk by.

The deer walks back around behind it, and the hotspot actually leaves, but leaves a heat trace on the ground where it had been laying at.

As we are leaving, I continued to record, as we neared the creek and the area where there are lots of creek beds coming off the main creek, we recorded two more hotspots down in those creek beds, not that far from where we had been sitting.

Example of a possum or armadillo on the thermal in the same area.

Showing the sensitivity of the thermal in picking up a field mouse running about the area.

Example of a deer in the same area with the thermal.

We got out to search for what was making the light anomaly light up near us.

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