(Nite Callers) Luke Gross

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(Nite Callers) Luke Gross

Post by admin » Sun May 10, 2009 11:00 pm

Luke Gross had the first of his four sightings of these incredible animals in November of 1984, with his last in November of 2000. He fascinated with what he had seen in 1984 but did not tell anyone for fear of ridicule. He kept the experience relegated to "camp fire" stories for his family and a few close friends. After getting on the internet he began to research other people’s sightings and decided to go public with his encounter. After meeting with two researchers in 1997 Luke began field research. In 1999 he founded the Texas Bigfoot Research Center and directed the group for three years. Luke is now doing independent research in the forested regions of East Texas continuing to make progress towards solving this incredible mystery. Through research and visual encounters of these animals, it is his opinion the Bigfoot located in the State of Texas are a sub - species of their Pacific Northwest cousins. He says these animals do indeed exist, and with hard work, and dedicated field research the answers are soon at hand. Nite Callers, Bryan Wallin, Laurie Phillips and Lauren McGrory welcome with the greatest appreciation a new co-host Luke Gross. Luke has much to offer the Nite Callers show with his vast experience, his investigative nature and his amazing artistic skills. Luke is a warm and gracious person and will blend with the Nite Callers staff. We ask everyone to join us tonight for Luke's debut show. Nite Callers will be expanding it's horizons in the very near future. Stay tuned for all the exciting developments.

Source: https://www.blogtalkradio.com/nitecalle ... luke-gross

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Good quality pics. How long were the cams out?
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Just to get the chat going, it’s going to take some time to move over all the data, but in the end, hope everyone likes the layout here.

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