Sasquatch and salmon

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Sasquatch and salmon

Post by joppa » Mon Nov 11, 2019 9:28 pm

I've took a break from online endeavors for awhile and have quietly focused on my local research areas in the mid-south. I've tried to work out the what is the primary diet for Sasquatch ( bear food it seems ) but I'm curious why there aren't more reports of Sasquatch taking advantage of the Salmon runs on the West Coast from Northern California to Alaska. if I was a hungry squatch I would be whacking bears out of the way to get at those 10 pound steel heads and cohos !

So what gives ? Are they night fishermen ? Are we dismissing all the carrion leftovers as only bear leavings ? Where are all the muddy creek side and riverside footprints ? You would think that if the Northwest was covered up with Sasquatch they would be eating Salmon by the bushel. Why would a carnivore which must have enormous caloric needs not be partaking of this incredible bounty ? Or why aren't all the bright west coast researchers hanging around the creeks ? Bear phobia ?

In the South I have seen evidence of hefty eating of frogs, snakes, crawfish and freshwater mussels that I can't always attribute to Bears or rednecks, and if we had salmon down south then I would think that they would be prime Squatch food.

Unless there is a Secret Sasquatch Salmon Stream where they all gather outside Vancouver every year then I must conclude that they are very stealthy fishermen, exceedingly more rare than we think or believe or they just don't like fish .

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Re: Sasquatch and salmon

Post by therealsuperdave » Mon Nov 11, 2019 9:30 pm

Joppa, some hink the hooded nose means they're good swimmers. Maybe the don't associate with the riverbanks the way bears do. Perhaps they fish using their supposedly ability to swim?

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Re: Sasquatch and salmon

Post by BiggJimm » Mon Nov 11, 2019 9:31 pm

probably more of a numbers thing. Fish at night (and there are some reports of just that) in areas where people are not normally. No people on a huge stretch of river = no sightings of squatch fishing
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