Can We Do Better Research?

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Can We Do Better Research?

Post by Rebelistic » Tue Nov 12, 2019 4:26 am

I posted this on my research thread but after thinking a bit more I thought I would also put it here and add to it.

After doing a couple of expeditions last month it got me to thinking. The first one the Bennett Expedition, we had some newer folks involved so we as a team went back to the basics and discussed some possible signs and went looking for them as we went throughout the area. Upon finding what may be structures, I left a dropbox in the area overnight. When doing the review it was real interesting in what was recorded.

In my research area I guess I have gotten complacent. I have areas that I become accustom using the same listening post areas as they have been productive. I've gotten complacent on looking for areas close to the activity to get better audio. Am I missing some better stuff because I am not being more proactive in getting the better results?

One thing that we discussed during the Memorial Expedition was the different ways we research. Sawdust was there and being new to the game we all seemed to share some more of the basics. It really got me thinking. Is the keys to success in this stuff to keep looking for newer and better places in our research areas? I have gotten the idea that my troop may be too comfortable around us that they are being less curious or maybe avoiding us altogether?. The activity is still there just not to the extent it was a couple years back. Do I need to do a better job at catching them off guard by changing what I do?

Do I need to start the hunt again for where they are traveling and doing things? These are all things that I am thinking about to continue to get results. I do think it is time to go back to the basics and spend more boot time in the woods during the day to see what and where things are changing. I am hoping this year to spend some times in other areas to collect audio to be able to compare the audio in different areas. I think for me it is time to change my game plan to stir things up a bit.

One question I would like to add is: Are we as researchers getting the best results we can get? We all have our little niches which seems to work for us, but are we continuing to advance? I think we all could do better. Are we still going after them or are we settling for what we get. Maybe it is time we all go out and explore our area better so we can possibly get better results. I realize that time is limited for us when we go out. If we can do some more foot work into finding the possible signs and travel areas, couldn't we increase our chances of getting better results? With them seeming to be so adaptable are they avoiding us in our areas? Could changing to new locations within our areas, could we get better results? I know that I seem to have hit a lull in my area. But is that because of me and not them. I think we can all suffer burnout in one form or another at times, but is it because we are not advancing our research tactics? When I first got into this I was doing it more for the fun of it. Now with the unknown stuff I have recorded, I seem to become more obsessed with it and wanting to compile more and more. But my way of doing things hasn't changed.

So how do I change it? Back to the basics? Any thoughts and ideas are sure welcome.
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Re: Can We Do Better Research?

Post by sawdustt » Tue Nov 12, 2019 4:26 am

I don't know all the answers you are searching for but there are some things I do know. I know that you will be successful. Trust your instincts, they will not fail you. Your thought process, ability to think outside of the box along with you sharing knowledge and seeking knowledge will prove fruitful.

I keep reflecting on Project Silent Hills and one thing other than the unexpected results is I think about all the researchers out there (thousands of them) but it was your brainchild that brought this theory to light.

Keep up the good work my Brother!!!

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Re: Can We Do Better Research?

Post by BiggJimm » Mon Jan 27, 2020 8:30 pm

There is always room for improvement in our methodology
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