Red Bigfoot Spotted in Illinois

The Grover Krantz Wing is dedicated to one of the first scientists to truly take the leap into believing Bigfoot exists.
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Red Bigfoot Spotted in Illinois

Post by admin » Mon Dec 23, 2019 3:12 am

JONESBORO, Ill. — A man in Union County claims he saw a red-haired Bigfoot.

The anonymous man says he was at his house, located by the Shawnee National forest, when the event took place.

“My pitbull was barking. I went to check on him with a flashlight and the creature was standing there by the fence,” he told Stan Courtney, BFRO field investigator, about the Dec. 2015 encounter.

The man reports that the purported creature, which was about 20 yards away, began staring at him and the dog.

“Then he disappeared into the woods.”

The eyewitness described the biped as 6 feet tall and exhibiting red hair covering its “muscular body”.

“It looked like a football player,” he said.

Its face, he added, was hairless and leathery, showing a “flat pub nose” and thick lips.

Jonesboro, located in Southern Illinois, has a population of 1,900.

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