Mayan "God Monkey"

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Mayan "God Monkey"

Post by admin » Sat Nov 09, 2019 8:14 pm

Carvings from Copan said to represent the fearsome "God Monkey" Batz.
copan mexico monkey god.jpg
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Batz was originally a human who was transformed into a were monkey by the gods for a slight. However
his powerful new form led him to resist the gods and become the god of Wind, slayer of the daylight at dusk,
and a divine force of reckoning and history. At least according to some versions of the myth.
bigfoot_face02.jpg (46.59 KiB) Viewed 606 times
Anthropologists claim he is simply a representative of a howler monkey, but I suspect he may be a pre-Columbian
representation of a sasquatch. The Mayans appear to have been connected to the mound builders, who were the
ancestors of the Muskogean speaking tribes. The language, the cultural artifacts, and the presence of items crafted
in the south being present in the Yucatan all link the cultures.
A Mississippian priest (based on carvings from the Spiro mound)
A Mississippian priest (based on carvings from the Spiro mound)
It would seem quite probable that on trade routes from the Crosstimbers and the Southern Forests that the cultures
would have at some point encountered sasquatch, if they didn't have them there in Central America. And that is a very
big unlikely if. The Mayans were not the only Mesoamerican culture carving anthropoid ape-men.

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