The Sasquatch Summit

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The Sasquatch Summit

Post by admin » Sat Nov 09, 2019 6:06 am

Loren Coleman, Cryptomundo wrote:
(Due to the fact this was announced last Saturday, unfortunately, on the same day as the tragedy of the Tucson shooting, this is being posted here today as it is “news” that has been overlooked.)
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Formal Announcement of the Sasquatch Summit

John Willison Green is a legendary figure in the history of Sasquatch research. He wrote some of the most informative books on the subject and he acquired a database of sightings and encounters that is invaluable and unrivaled. He documented the subject like no one else and corresponded with anyone interested in the Sasquatch.
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John’s contributions are well known; his epic tome Sasquatch: the Apes Among Us is the penultimate sasquatch book. After many years of tireless interest and inquiry, it’s time to gather in John’s hometown and celebrate his lifetime contribution to our bigfoot world. Please join us April 8, 9 & 10 for a weekend in Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia.
tom_and_johngreen-735923-300x200.jpg (18.35 KiB) Viewed 670 times
The Friends of John Green Present
The Sasquatch Summit
– a Tribute to John Green
Harrison Hot Springs, B.C.
April 8, 9 & 10, 2010
Tickets now available!

Guest of Honor: John Green

Special Guests: Bob Gimlin, David Hancock, Loren Coleman, John Kirk

Presentations by: Dr. John Bindernagel, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Christopher L. Murphy, Thomas Steenburg, Bill Miller

Tributes by David Hancock, Jeff Meldrum, Bob Gimlin, Loren Coleman, John Kirk and others

A Conference and Tribute Banquet at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa
green_ostmana2.jpg (13.6 KiB) Viewed 670 times
The Sasquatch Summit will pay tribute to legendary sasquatch author and researcher John Green in his hometown of Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia. Just 2 hours east of Vancouver, B.C.

The event will be a gathering of Bigfoot researchers, authors and enthusiasts brought together to celebrate the life and contributions of John Green. Friday, April 8th will start with registration opening at 4 pm, and continue into the evening with light snacks and a no-host bar at an informal ‘Meet & Greet’ reception. Later there will be Round Table Discussions with well-known authors and investigators, a chance to catch up with friends, and time to browse amongst the vendors tables.

The conference is scheduled for Saturday, April 9th from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm. The presentations will focus on local Sasquatch encounters, the current status of research, and the lifetime involvement of John Green in regards to Sasquatch investigation. John himself will participate in a question and answer session as well.

A tribute banquet will take place Saturday evening from 6:30 – 9:00 pm. Unique Sasquatch artifacts and evidence will be on display; rare books and commemorative items will also be available.

Head out late Saturday night for an informal expedition or gather in the outdoor hot springs and enjoy the midnight air.

Tickets: $80 -includes admission to all events and banquet dinner.
$105 -Reserved Seating at conference and commemorative poster.
To Purchase Tickets, contact Tom Yamarone.

Location: Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa
100 Esplanade Avenue, Harrison Hot Springs, BC V0M 1K0

We are still negotiating with the hotel for special room rates on Friday, April 8 and Saturday April 9, 2011.

(NOTE: Have a look at their website, accommodations & use the address for a map search.
We cannot book rooms under the event name until next week after we finalize a contract with them.)

Sasquatch Summit Organizers: Alex Solunac, Lesley Solunac & Tom Yamarone
Contact them with questions at
[url=mailto:[email protected]?subject=The Sasquatch Summit]Tom Yamarone[/url]
[url=mailto:[email protected]?subject=The Sasquatch Summit]Alex Solunac[/url]
[url=mailto:[email protected]?subject=The Sasquatch Summit]Lesley Solunac[/url]

The fine print! PLEASE NOTE: Ticket prices may be increasing after February 15, 2011. Purchasing your ticket prior to this date will avoid any potential rise in costs. $50 of the ticket price is to pay for the banquet itself, and includes provincial taxes and pre-paid gratuities. The number of tickets available is limited due to space/Fire Marshall regulations. We cannot guarantee that there will be tickets available to purchase ‘last minute’ at the event. Unfortunately, due to conference contract restrictions refunds will not be available within 30 days of the event. Event organizers and resort staff reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone. Disruptive behavior will result in removal from the event. Event organizers will not be held responsible for activities conducted outside of the Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa facilities. Event times may be subject to change.

You NEED one to cross into Canada. They take 4 weeks to process. Passports cost $135 these days. Passport Cards are half the price or less.

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