Jacko Revisited

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Jacko Revisited

Post by admin » Sat Nov 09, 2019 6:03 am

Loren Coleman, Cryptomundo wrote:
In response to this…
jackonews-285x300.jpg (42.33 KiB) Viewed 565 times
…this was written.

The British Colonist

Victoria, British Columbia

July 9, 1884

Indian Traditions.


NANAIMO, July 6th, 1884.

TO THE EDITOR: — In reference to the capture of Jacko on the Frazer canyon bluffs above Yale [British Columbia], as given in your issue last week, I may be able to furnish the public with some particulars connected with my late superintendence of the Lytton Indian Mission that may throw additional light upon this strange event, and at the same time confirm some mysterious
rumors that were current amongst the entire tribe in that locality during our residence amongst them.

On three different occasions in successive years, and in entirely different points of observation, the most startling reports were circulated far and wide, that when camping out for purposes of hunting, fishing, gathering wood and berries, certain of our Indians had been visited in the dead of night by something that seemed half-man half-beast, which had come into the tents whilst sleeping or prowled around their encampment, producing the greatest consternation and amazement.

The idea prevailed that certain wild men of the woods were at large in the less frequented parts of the country, and were exceedingly dangerous and might one day invade the settlements.

We, at the time, laughed at their fears and pooh-poohed the matter, considering the reports in question here on a par with their traditional stories about certain lakes and special spots being haunted and that numbers of their tribe had been found dead upon venturing to pass a night on these dreaded haunts of mysterious and unearthly visitants.

It may appear, therefore, that there was more truth about some of these tales than was dreamed of in our boasted enlightened philosophy. That Jacko is destined to point a moral or adorn a tale, viz: that truth is stranger than fiction, and facts are stubborn things, especially Jacko.

Yours, &c., J. B. Goop.

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