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Welcome to the MABRC Forums

Post by admin » Mon Oct 14, 2019 7:31 am

Welcome to the MABRC Forums,

Thank you for visiting the MABRC Forums and we hope you find what you are looking for. This site is open to everyone as long as they follow the forum rules that is posted at the top of every forum page. You don't have to be a researcher to join.

Who is MABRC ? The Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center actually started in 2001 as the Green Country (Oklahoma) Bigfoot Research Center, and with added researchers from across the country, we evolved into Mid-America in 2007. MABRC is the home to Driveroperator and Darkwinglh, pioneers in the outside the box approach to field research.

Why a forum? MABRC members have been to many forums in the Bigfoot community which have their little cliques, their steadfast belief in research techniques that have been used for nearly half a decade that hasn't produced results, and the idol worship many have for those in the Bigfoot community who have not done much to advance the research. If you try to bring up new information that goes against the grain, many of these forums outright ban you for it. We also knew that a place needed to be built where folks could share their information with each other, to help fit pieces of the puzzle together to solve the Bigfoot mystery.

Here at the MABRC forum, thinking outside the box is the norm. We don't use the same techniques that have failed to produce results, instead, we try new things, if they don't work, we try something different.

If you are new to Bigfoot Research, you will find this is the place for information, training and kinship with researchers in the field. We don't mind answering questions, and always remember, there is no such thing as a stupid question, as long as you are trying to seriously learn from it.

What does the MABRC forum have that is different from other forums? MABRC researchers took a step back and thought long and hard about what a Bigfoot Forum should really be, a place where an exchange of information could happen without politics, harrasment and criticism. We also thought it should be an online database of information for beginning researchers as well as the old timers.

Currently, we have taken the OSSIE Database (aka Open Source, Sightings, Incidents and Encounters) we have been working on and decided to put it as a knowledgebase type forum.

Here are some of the forums we have active.

The Library-The library is made up of wings and rooms, we have the East and West wings, where articles from across the Internet are displayed for all to read, in one convenient location. The Sightings database, is a collection of all available sigtings reports found currently on the Internet. The Newspaper Vault contains actual pictures of newspaper articles dating back to the early 1800s of Bigfoot-related sightings. The Map room contains a large collection of maps that would benefit researchers, while the audio room houses a large collection of animal vocalizations to aid researchers in comparing noises heard in the field.

The Movie Theater-A place where video clips from across the Internet is embedded in our forum so that you can watch them. We do the searching for you and put them in one convenient location for you to find easily.

The Researcher's Reference-Tons of information that a researcher should know before going into the wilds searching for the locals, from survival, first aid, hoaxes, who's who in Bigfoot research and handy tidbits of techniques in use.

The Researcher's Field Book-MABRC and Independent Researchers alike, post their research here for everyone to follow along and read about, there is also an Expeditions area where these same researchers post about their expeditions.

The Locals Discussion area is also where a great many topics are discussed.


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