MonsterQuest: ‘Gable Film’ Mystery Solved

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MonsterQuest: ‘Gable Film’ Mystery Solved

Post by admin » Wed Nov 13, 2019 1:15 am

Ghosttheory wrote:
“Aaron Gable” inside the famous Ford Truck, wearing the thick glasses that would later appear in GF2.
“Aaron Gable” inside the famous Ford Truck, wearing the thick glasses that would later appear in GF2.
As many of you are aware, MonsterQuest aired the final episode of the series last night and it went out as strong as it first started.

MonsterQuest’s final episode was a continuation into the “American Werewolf” mystery. Focusing greatly on the infamous “Gable film” that we have extensively covered here on GhostTheory. So let’s get crackin’ and discuss the show and its findings.

First and foremost we talk about the “Gable film”. In a surprising turn of events, the MonsterQuest team managed to put a silver bullet into the “Gable film” mystery and not end their show with open-ended questions like they mostly do. But how much of the mystery did the MonsterQuest team actually solve?. To my surprise someone actually came forward and admitted to hoaxing the whole film. Weeks before MonsterQuest even start filming their final episode!

Mike, the man who created the film and who went by the pseudonym “QuinlanOUR12″ on YouTube, went to extreme measures to create this film as a homage to Steve Cook’s “The legend” song/story. Everything in the film was faked. All for the purpose of creating a “Werewolf mystery film”. Snowmobiles, a truck, Ghillie suit, fake guts and blood and even an old 8mm film camera was used to stage this. With Mike wearing the Ghillie suit and getting on all fours and faking this animal-like movement, he successfully manage to scare and convince many that there is a werewolf roaming around Michigan. I can honestly say that no matter if the film was a fake, it still creeps me out.
The “teeth shot,” accomplished with a Halloween mask and stop-motion animation. Note the Ghillie suit webbing.
The “teeth shot,” accomplished with a Halloween mask and stop-motion animation. Note the Ghillie suit webbing.
So where are we left at now?

I have to admit, I was perplexed at what I was seeing in the “Gable film”. It looked so natural mimicking a quadruped’s movements. In my mind, I was almost sure that this film was a bear attack caught on film. Especially when part 2 of the film came out. It was hoax to such extreme where they had used an old Michigan Police cruiser to fake some of the footage.
So with all this, the film’s creators go on to say on the website the following:

I assumed after revealing the true source of the film to Monster Quest, the producers would move on to some other creature. Wrong again. They were more excited than ever to produce the show. They felt the story was so compelling they made it their season finale. Do you get what that means? Monster Quest, and everyone involved knew the Gable film was fake weeks before production began. The entire episode was scripted and staged to look like they exposed it. More stagecraft, designed for entertainment and profit.

This is a sad, sad revelation.

What are we to think of MonsterQuest and shows alike? Well we really can’t put any fault on MonsterQuest for doing what they did. Of course it’s a television show, therefore ratings and cliffhangers are a must. The fact that they knew about this weeks before production does not really matter. It is not up to the show to inform the public with up-to-the-minute reports. The problem lies with Mike, the person who create the film.

Although this was just a project to add to the lore of the “Michigan Dogman” I think this whole fiasco brings all of cryptozoology and the paranormal into a different perspective for skeptics and believers alike. What are we to think of convincing UFO footage from now on? What should we say about a convincing image of a ghost?

or dare I say: “What about the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film” ? Is this film just another “Gable film” that has not yet run its course?

Written by Javier Ortega

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