27-Inch track, Bigfoot footprint Story a Joke

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27-Inch track, Bigfoot footprint Story a Joke

Post by admin » Wed Nov 13, 2019 1:06 am

Bigfootencounters.com wrote:
27-Inch track, Bigfoot footprint Story a Joke,
Teen is Sorry About Stepping on the Law
Agawam, Massachusetts 1977
HOAX: - The 1977 Agawam, Massachusetts 27-inch long footprints were hoaxed by
teenager David Deschenes, at the time 16 years old. Police found and confiscated
two 28-inch long plywood boards that had been constructed to look like feet
with 5 toes. Investigated by Ron Schaffner, Creature Chronicles rschaffner1@cinci.rr.com

See Map below:
Agawam, Massachusetts. (UPI) - A teen-ager says he's sorry his "bigfoot" joke was taken more seriously than he intended.

Police say they confiscated two, 28-inch-long plywood boards constructed to look like big feet from David Deschenes, 16, of Agawam.

A police spokesman said Deschenes told authorities he spent two days shaping the boards and then wore them on a walk along the river Dec. 20. Dozens of huge, five-toed prints were found in a wooded area along the Westfield River two weeks ago.

"I did it as a joke for the little kids around here, but it got out of hand. The next thing I knew the police were out at two in the morning looking around, taking it seriously.

I didn't feel like going out to tell them I was 'bigfoot'", Deschenes said. Deschenes said he hopes to get the feet back from police.

If they are returned, he said, he's not going to take them on any more strolls through the woods."I want to have them mounted," he said.

© Kenosha (Wisconsin) News; January 6, 1977
August 2001 - News article courtesy Ron Schaffner

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