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Sugarloaf Lake Sighting

Posted: Sun Apr 12, 2020 5:05 pm
by admin
VFwd: This lady lives on sugarloaf lake. She has a screened in back porch that looks out towards the lake. She was in the bathroom and heard her screen door open and then heard it shut. She heard the door open again and she slapped her hand against the wall 3 times and heard something knock back. She walked out onto the porch and said that she came face to face with a "hairy thing about 5 foot tall" he was on his hind legs and when he saw her he took off on all fours down the porch steps and across the yard. She said that she had two buckets of cat food on her porch with lids on it. The creature had picked one up and took it off of the porch and down the steps and had apparently been going back for the other bucket when she walked out and saw him.