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California fall of 1958. 1 bigfoot creatures involved

Posted: Thu Jan 05, 2023 10:29 pm
by darkwing
Encounter date: NOV 02 1958
Year: 1958
Season: fall
Time of day: n/a
Duration: n/a
Story Originator: 1st person
Reported by: Bob Titmus intv. by John Green. Also personal obse
Terrain: valley
Lighting: n/a
State: California
Nearest Town: Weitchpec (Pop. 100)
County: Del Norte County
Coordinates: Lat 412440 Lon 1234311
Distance to Town: 16 Miles
Number of Creatures: 1
Creature Types: one large, sex unknown
Photographed: NO
Tracks: n/a
Tracks Cast: YES
Tracks Photographed: NO
Creature Fired At: Bullet Missed Creature
Effect of Firearm: n/a
Superhuman Action: n/a
Trees Undergrowth: Species pine;Douglas fir, Variety: n/a, Tree Cover: heavy, Tree Condition: mostly mature, Tree Type: coniferous, Tree Abborations: n/a, Undergrowth: moderate, Undergrowth Type: n/a
Slope: valley bottom, Slope Was Facing: n/a
Nearby water: creek
Distance to water: 25 feet
Substratum: forest litter
Snow condition: n/a
Weather condition: wet, Heat: n/a, Wetness: n/a, Snow: n/a, Temp: n/a, Wind: n/a, Clarity: overcast, Humidity: high
JG Incident type: 2
JG File Date: NOV 58
JG Source date: NOV 58
JG Source type: computer survey
JG Source reliability rank: 10
JG Source incident rank: 8
JG Visibility Index: n/a
Related incident id: 1000331;1000333;1000334
This was the first recorded encounter with the Bluff Creek "15-inch" track. Bob Titmus and Ed Patrick had looked at old 16-inch "Bigfoot" tracks on the Bluff Creek road then under construction, and were searching for more tracks, which they found on the banks of the creek, about 200 feet below. John Green and Gus Milliken saw the tracks a few days later. Titmus followed the tracks a couple of hundred yards up the creek before coming to a sandbar where he was able to cast four perfect impressions. Where the tracks went into the woods there were three trees twisted off about six feet high along the line of travel. Identical tracks were found on the same sand bar exactly a year later and on several other occasions. They have also turned up in other places in the vicinity, including Blue Creek Mountain and Onion Mountain, sometimes accompanied by a 13 inch track.