(GCBRO) Alberta, Canada Sightings

Sighting reports of Bigfoot from this Canadian Province
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(GCBRO) Alberta, Canada Sightings

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Reported by: Confidential
Report Received From: The GCBRO Online Report Submission Form.

Report Posted To GCBRO Web Site On: June 2, 2006

DATE: May 22, 2006


LOCATION: Alberta, Canada

TERRAIN: Woody Forest lining the side of the highway, Tall grassy areas, Rocky Mountains

OBSERVED: To start with we don't know exactly what it was we saw that night. However we both saw it and after finding this site and reading some of the sightings we now belive what we saw was possibly a Big Foot. We were driving down the highway, it was dusk. There were lots of shadows due to the time of day. We pulled over to take a picture of some wildlife and the mountains. The wildlife didn't mind us they kept on as they were. After about 20 minutes of talking and watching we heard a terrifying scream/howl. It wasn't like anything we had ever heard! Definitely not human or any other animal call we have ever heard. All the wildlife left as thought they were startled. We decided it was time to leave as well, if the animals were that spooked by the scream/howl then we thought it would be best to leave too. Just as we got back into the car we heard the scream a second time. We began to drive away slowly (gaining speed) and talking about the scream. My husband looked into the rear view mirrors and saw some birch trees waving back and forth I then looked as well. Then something came running out of the tree line it stopped and looked at us for a moment and then with what seemed like great speed and maybe 2-3 leaps crossed the road and was gone into the trees again. It was definitely on two legs and covered in dark hair. We were only about 25 feet away when it came into our view. Although I cannot say for sure what it was we both saw it and have never seen anything like it before or after. It seemed to have great Height and speed. Far to quick to be a Human but definitely had the body structure of one. Needless to say we got out of there quick!

Activities of Witness: Watching elk graze and talking with each other. Taking the odd picture of the Elk. Car was turned off while we were there.

Description of Creature: It was about 6-7 feet tall, dark in color. Seemed to covered in hair from head to toe. Too far away and lighting was too poor to see any detail.

Other Notes: What ever the animal was we don't know but we are certain it was not any animal we have ever seen and could not have been confused with a bear or deer (or any other animal of that shape and size)

Other (Informational or Encounter History in the General Area) Notes: I have read of some encounters near and around Mt. Robson British Columbia. We were about 3-4 hours from there on Alberta side of the Rockies. Other than that I am unsure if there have been any other sightings in the area.

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments: After reading the report my husband realized I had forgot to mention the odor we noticed in the air. There was a slight breeze and it was carrying a foul smell almost comparable to body odor. We hadn't paid any attention to the smell thinking it was probably just the Elk. Although it did seem to have gotten stronger closer to the time we decided to leave.
Reported by Confidential
RECEIVED FROM: G.C.B.R.O. Online Submission Form

DATE: 07/01/72

TIME: Late night

LOCATION: Alberta Canada, Alaska Highway


OBSERVED: My uncle and I were going home after visiting cousins. Suddenly, my Uncle stopped dead in his tracks. The few dogs of our cousins were giving off a low growl/whimper kind of noise as if they couldn't decide what to do. My Uncle pointed to two figures that I could not see. I had to get glasses and I tried very hard to squint and figure out what my Uncle was looking at. He turned as did I, to run back to my cousins place. My Uncle was so scared that he jumped over a fair sized fence while I crawled underneath. Later, my Uncle asked me if I saw the figures that he was pointing to. I said no and then he told me what he saw. He saw to black figures. One was significantly smaller then the other. they were standing near a house that was approximately between our house and my cousin's place. The dogs came running back to the house as well, not bothering to invesigate what these creatures were.

There was an old swing that stood in front of the house where the creatures were standing. I am going to ask my Uncle about what exactly it is that he saw and I will ask him about the features of these two beings. I was about twelve but I always remembered the fear and the feeling of something happening that was surreal. It is hard to describe the emotions.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESSES: Going home after a night of playing cards and visiting with family.



OTHER SIGHTINGS IN THIS AREA: There have been many sightings and stories, and I have started to document these sightings from friends, family, neighbors and myself included. None have been documented on any site or book that I know of.

Report submitted by Mary Green
Reported by Confidential
RECEIVED FROM: G.C.B.R.O. Online Submission Form

DATE: 07/17/01

TIME: 15:30 (mountain standard)

LOCATION: Mt. Robson National Park, Alberta/British Columbia Border, Canada
(Caribou Connector)

TERRAIN: Mountains

OBSERVED: We had been driving all day,and decided to stop for a while at the next rest stop on the highway. My girlfriend and I lounged at a picnic table for a spell,my best friend and his girlfriend had gone down to the edge of the river to skip stones(Athabasca River). My friend called us down to look at a strange track he had found in the mud on the river shore. It was a large footprint showing 4 toes and an unnatural curve to the foot.I have been researching Sasquatch Footprints most of my adult life and that is what crossed my mind when I saw this. I snapped a photo of the track,I wear size 14D boots and this track was at least 4 inches longer than my foot, and it was pressed 3/4 of an inch into the soft mud. We told friends about this when we arrived back in Jasper,but I think they just humored us.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESSES: Driving home from British Columbia.


OTHER NOTES: Yes, we were tired from driving all day, but the photograph did turn out semi-well.


Report submitted by Mary Green
Reported by Confidential
RECEIVED FROM: G.C.B.R.O. Web Site Submission Form
DATE: July, 1992

TIME: Noon

LOCATION: Canada, Alberta


OBSERVED: IIwent out side to get the mail, I was probably eight. There was a sudden noise in the woods next to my yard, I heard twigs snapping. I looked at the woods and saw a huge, dark creature. It looked like Big Foot and that's what I thought it was. It started walking further away from me, it walked on its hind legs! I ran like heck back into my house. I told my mom about the creature and she told me it had to have been a bear or something. But I know it wasn't because bears don't walk on their hind legs and there's never been a report of a bear in those woods.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES): Walking outside to retrieve the mail.

DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE: A huge, dark creature , looked ape-like that walked on it's hind legs.

OTHER NOTES: Two weeks after this happened to me, my older sister was having a sleep over and they were planning on sleeping out in the yard. But one of her friends saw something big and ape-like nearby, needless to say they didn't sleep outside that night.
My dog was found dead and it looked like some nasty creature killed her.


Report Posted to the G.C.B.R.O. web site by Fay Easley
Reported by Confidential
RECEIVED FROM: G.C.B.R.O. Web Site Submission Form
DATE: June 18, 2000

TIME: 5:32 A.M.

LOCATION: Canada, Alberta

TERRAIN: National forest

OBSERVED: I was getting up early to hit the mountains up in XXXX. so I went out and started my car. In 5 minutes I left my cabin to the car and I was driving down an old gravel road just north of XXXX. It was just starting to get lighter outside and I saw something was on the road. I slowed down a bit and suddenly I slammed on my brakes. I was aprox 30 maybe 40 feet away from him.I have been waiting all my life to see one and I finally did. I was excited and kind of scared, I didn't move a muscle it was like he was watching me observe him. He was brownish with a blackish mix, about 7'1" I would say and close to 500 pounds.

But any way he was just standing there, I didn't know what to do so i just
sat there. A few minutes passed and he went off to the right just off the road and sat in the bushes, so I pulled up a bit more to get a better look. I
pulled up right beside him and stopped.. He panicked and got up and ran into the bush.


DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE: Brownish/Black, 7'1", and about 500 pounds

OTHER NOTES: I could hear it making grunting sounds and saw him scatching himself.


Report Posted to the G.C.B.R.O. web site by Fay Easley
Reported by Confidential
RECEIVED FROM: G.C.B.R.O. Web Site Submission Form
DATE: June 01, 1973

TIME: Various

LOCATION: Canada, Alberta


OBSERVED: I saw something mysterious two times in my life. First was when I was about 9 years old. I was waiting for the bus on the road, about 100 yards from my house. I was throwing rocks and waiting patiently for the bus to come up a hill. As I was looking in the direction of that hill (about 200-300 yards away), I saw what I thought was a man or boy running across the road from right to left. I thought it was the one of the boys playing tag that lived about a half mile down the road where the bus was coming. When I got on the bus the first thing I asked was if those boys were playing atop that hill near where I lived. They said "No." Years later I began to question who would be running across a wooded area that early in the morning (about 7:00am). The houses were pretty far apart and there was plenty of wooded areas where I lived.

Another time when I was about 12, two friends and I were headed home in the late evening. It was summer but where I live in northwestern Alberta, the sun stays up long in the summer. We were coming up a hill and although it was dark, I could still make out the shapes of trees and stuff. We were walking along and I was on the left hand side as we were headed in a west direction along a dirt road. We were talking when I noticed something in the ditch to my left. As we were walking by it I didn't want to look directly at whatever it was. I didn't want to tell the others or scare or panic them or myself. As we walked by, my body was like in auto pilot as we kept walking. I looked thru the corner of my eye. I saw what appeared to be something lying on the ditch, very still. It was dark and the one leg was bent more then the other leg, as if it was trying to blend with the grass and darkness. I walked faster but didn't run because I didn't want whatever it was to chase us. I never told those other two boys about it. Maybe they saw it too. One day I will ask them.

In our youth there were numerous stories of the odd variety in our area, like something wading in the lake appearing to fish, things knocking on
windows, a huge man looking in the window at night. There were other stories and another mysterious encounters.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES): Waiting for the school bus/ walking with friends

DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE: In the first sighting the creature was running, looked slow but covered lots of ground. It appeared like it was trying hard not to be noticed.
In the second report, the creature was hiding from us. It was perfectly still. The legs were long
and appeared to be hairy. The feet looked long and narrow. There was no smell or maybe I was just in a state of shock. It was as though the creature was very adept at blending in and hiding.



Report Posted to the G.C.B.R.O. web site by Fay Easley

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